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How To Play
Chase The Ace Lottery

To play simply PURCHASE TICKETS. You can purchase tickets at any of the Lottery's LOCATIONS through out the state or online HERE. Then check to see if any of your numbers match the winning number drawn every Sunday at 6pm. If you have a matching number congratulations you are that weeks winner and have just won 20% of that weeks sales. You now need to contact the lottery office at 907-45-LOTTO(455-6886) within 24 hours of that Sunday's drawing (Monday at 6pm) you will then get to choose a window from the Chase the Ace board. If the Ace of Spades is behind your window you win the current JACKPOT which is guaranteed to be at least $10,000 along with your weekly cash prize. If you do not claim your prize within 24 hours you still can claim your weekly cash prize, but do not get a chance to pick a window from the Chase the Ace board. You have until the following Sunday until 4pm to claim your weekly cash prize at which time the unclaimed weekly cash prize is added to the Jackpot

Chase The Ace is a lottery run for the benefit of local nonprofit organizations The ticket sales are divided between cash prizes and the organization.

20% to weekly prize.
30% to Jackpot.
50% to nonprofit / expense.
Jackpot guaranteed to be $10,000 minimum.



Chase the Ace
Lottery Rules
Please read these rules before entering the charity lottery operated by Emerald Isle. By purchasing a ticket, you represent that you meet all the below stated requirements and agreed to be bound by the official rules and by the decision of the licensed operator Emerald Isle (the sponsor), or the permitted non-profit organizations or their representatives.

  • The Chase the Ace Lottery is a fundraiser for a contracted nonprofit or multiple nonprofits under the state of Alaska operator license 070
  • Proceeds from lottery ticket sales (the Pot) shall be dispensed each week as follows:
  • 20% to weekly prize.
  • 30% to Jackpot.
  • 50% to nonprofit / expense.
  • Jackpot guaranteed to be $10,000 minimum.
  • Chase the Ace lottery tickets will be sold at all State of Alaska licensed locations. Purchaser shall, at the time of an online ticket sale, certify that the purchaser is physically in the State of Alaska and is not physically present in an area that has adopted a local option prohibiting charitable gaming.
  • Tickets will be sold at a cost of $2 each, ten tickets for $10.00, 25 tickets for $20.00, 75 tickets for $50.00, 200 tickets for $100.00
  • All numbered chances will have matching stubs. Any number of tickets may be purchased, but are only valid for the weekly draw they were purchased for. All sold ticket stubs will be saved, dated and stored separately for the period of time required By State Statutes or Regulations.
  • The draw for the weekly winning ticket will take place between 6 PM and 7 PM every Sunday. The location of the draw will be 721 Gaffney Rd., Fairbanks, AK 99701.
  • Tickets purchased for the previous week’s draw are not carried forward. Only tickets sold in the previous seven days are eligible for that week’s draw including the jackpot. Each participant is responsible for checking their purchased tickets at the time of purchase to assure tickets have been properly printed and are legible.
  • The draw will be held under the supervision of the draw supervisor. The designated draw supervisor (to be noted each draw day) is not permitted to purchase tickets for that draw. Employees of the operator, members of the permittee, staff, Board of Directors, all volunteers and immediate family are allowed to purchase tickets but are not permitted to participate as draw supervisor for that week’s draw. If one of that days workers/volunteers at the drawing location has their ticket number drawn, that ticket will be discarded and a new ticket will be drawn.
  • The draw procedure will be visible for participants to see.
  • Each Sunday, one winning ticket will be drawn at random from that week’s sales. The holder of the winning ticket will win 20% of that week’s lottery sales. Winner need not be present to win but are required to claim their prize prior to the next drawing by contacting Emerald Isle in Washington plaza 3431 Airport Way Fairbanks AK 99709 PHONE (907)455-6886. If the prize is not claimed by the following Sunday at 4pm that ticket will be declared null and void and the holder of that ticket will lose any right to any possible weekly winnings. The unclaimed weekly prize will be added to the jackpot amount.
  • If the holder of that week’s winning ticket comes forward and claims there prize by 6pm Monday following the draw they will be allowed one chance at the Chase the Ace Jackpot. They will be allowed to pick a number from 1 to 54 of the remaining windows on the Chase the Ace board. This opportunity is only available to the ticket holder until 6PM the Monday following the draw.
  • If the numbered window chosen is the Ace of Spades that ticket holder will win the jackpot. If not the window will remain open and be removed from play and the jackpot will then be held over to the next draw.
  • Once the Ace of Spades is revealed the game is concluded. This may happen the first draw or any draw thereafter. Once this round is concluded ticket sales will immediately begin for a new round with the new jackpot of a guaranteed $10,000 at the start.
  • Please note, if you are allowing people to purchase tickets on your behalf, all prize money including the jackpot, will only be paid out to the ticket holder.
  • All winning amounts will be paid to the ticket holder by check within three business days.
  • Emerald Isle and the permitted permittees are not responsible for any disputes arising among different individuals participating in a group purchase.
  • Claiming the prize: to claim a prize the holder of the randomly selected winning lottery ticket number must contact the sponsor and present the winning lottery ticket within the allotted time of the applicable drawing at the Emerald Isle pulltabs main office at 3431 Airport Way, Fairbanks, AK 99709 during normal business hours or by phone 907-455-6886 (907-45-LOTTO) prior to the deadline. Each prize claimant must provide the sponsor with all information required to claim the prize including tax identification information. The prize claimant will be required to execute an affidavit of eligibility and liabilities/publicity release in the form approved by the sponsor prior to the receipt of the prize. In the event that a prize claimant either: (a) does not notify those sponsor within the required time limits of the drawing; (b) is ruled ineligible for any reason; (c) refuses the prize; or (d) does not return an executed affidavit, then, in each event, the prize will be forfeited. Sponsor has no obligation and is not in a position to contact holders of potential winning ticket numbers. All prizes will be paid out to prize contestant by check within three business days of the prize claimant delivering the winning lottery ticket, executed affidavit, and all other required documents submitted to the sponsor. A minimum of two pieces of accepted identification are required. For security and safety reasons, no cash payments will be made to the prize contestant. Unclaimed winnings will be retained by the sponsor and applied to current or future lotteries. If you need more information, please call 907-455-6886

Early Bird Value Added Windows

Value added windows are only valid for the first 5 draws of a new game. If the weekly winner finds one of the value added windows they will win the prize associated with that value added window or the cash option in addition to the weekly cash prize. The current value added windows are:
King of Clubs If found in the first 5 draws of a new game the weekly winner will win in addition to the weekly cash prize a new 2022 Suzuki Quad King ( 400-asi-fairbanks-ak-99701-11701856i) Prize is FOB Northern Power Sports Fairbanks Alaska Winner is responsible to pickup prize and for all shipping charges, licensing and registration fees. (MSRP $7,199.00) from Northern Power Sports or $4,000 cash.
Queen of Hearts If found in the first 5 draws of a new game the weekly winner will win in addition to the weekly cash prize 200,000 Alaska Air Miles or $3,000.00 cash. (Alaska Air is a trademark of Alaska Airlines and is not affiliated with Lotto Alaska)
Jack of Diamonds If found in the first 5 draws of a new game the weekly winner will win in addition to the weekly cash prize 2.5oz of Gold or $4,000.00 cash. Gold Supplied by Gold Buyers of Alaska

Match 6 for $600.00

Match the first 6 numbers of the weekly winning number from left to right in order any where in any of your numbers and win $600.00
Here is a Sample showing the 11 possible winning combinations:
Weekly Winning Number AA-1234567
Possible Match 6 winning combinations:
The weekly winning number is not eligible for the match 6 prize. Match 6 winners have until 6pm the Wednesday following the drawing to claim their Match 6 Prize. Unclaimed Match 6 Prizes are forfeited at 6pm the Wednesday following the draw. To claim the Match 6 prize you must contact the Lottery at 907-455-6886 Option #2 and have your lottery ticket with you so it can be verified. All required forms must be returned to the Lottery office via email, USPS, faxed, or dropped off in person by 4pm the following Sunday or the match 6 prize is forfeited. If forms are submitted electronicly(email or text) check will not be issued until original hard copies are received by Lotto Alaska.

Disaster operation

    In the event of a natural disaster. pandemic, or other event causes 50% or more of the lottery locations to be closed     the current game will be suspended.  The lottery will continue to sale lottery tickets at the open locations with the sales revenues being dispersed as follows:

50% to the weekly drawing winner

20% to nonprofit and overhead

30% to the suspended game Jackpot

The weekly winner during a suspended game will not win a chance to pick a window on the chase the ace board as such can not win the jackpot.

The weekly winner will have until the friday following drawing to claim their cash prize of 50% of that weeks sales.

In the event that the weekly cash prize is not claimed it will be added to the following weeks prize, unless the suspended game resumes the following week in which case the unclaimed weekly prize will be added to the suspended games jackpot.

  • Odds of winning are variable based on the total number lottery ticket numbers sold during each lottery.
  • Taxes: each participant acknowledges that they have been informed that the IRS has taken a position that the amounts paid for chance to participate in raffles, lotteries or similar programs are not gifts and therefore, the price of the lottery tickets does not qualify as a deductible charitable contribution. The prize claimant is responsible for any and all federal, state and local taxes, fees and other government assessments on the awarded prize. Furthermore, each prize claimant acknowledges that the Federal law requires that a tax withholding on certain prize values must be collected from winnings on upon award or distribution. Federal and state withholding laws are subject to change without notice. The withholding laws in effect at the time of each prizes will be followed.
  • Transfer of lottery tickets: lottery tickets may not be resold, or permitted to be resold, by a participant. Any lottery ticket which has been resold in violation of these official rules shall not be valid and such lottery ticket numbers shall be ineligible to win. All individuals who resell, purchase, or receive a lottery ticket in violation of these official rules shall be ineligible to participate in the lottery or to win a prize.
  • Participants grant of license: by participating in the lottery or accepting a prize, each participant hereby irrevocably in perpetually grants to the sponsor and the license permittees, and their designees, a worldwide license to use, publish, reproduce, create, distribute and publicly display any images or likeness taken or captured of the participant or prize contestant in connection with their participating in the lottery or receiving a prize (collectively, the “images”) in any form, media or content which now or hereafter exist, for advertising, promotional or any other commercial purposes as well as noncommercial purposes. Participant and prize contestant each waive any compensation for any use of such images. Participant and prize claimant hereby release and waive any claims, demands, and damages, losses, liabilities and causes of action arising from the sponsor or permitted permittees, or their designees, use of images, including without limitation, any claims for defamation, libel, invasion of privacy, publicity, personality, or exploitation of the participant’s name or likeness.
  • Release of Liability and Indemnity: by participating in the lottery, participant and prize contestant both on each of his or her own behalf in on behalf of each of his is or her spouse’s, assign, guardians, administrators, executors and legal representative, hereby release, waive, discharge, covenant not to sue, and indemnify the sponsor, or any other permitted permittees and its members. Any related entities and persons, owners, shareholders, members, participants, trustees, elected officials, directors, managers, employees, servants, principals, agents, consultants, contractors, representatives, sponsors and insurers of each of the foregoing from any claim or loss arising out of or related to the participants or prize contestant’s participation in the lottery, acceptance of the prize, or any exercise by the sponsor or any of its rights set forth herein or the official rules of the lottery, including, but not limited to, any claims related to any injury to the participant (including death) or the participants property that occurs in connection with participation in the lottery, receiving the prize or any related activities,(ii) any failure to report and pay any income taxes arising from acceptance of the prize, and the participant acts or the acts of any other party with respect to the participants receipt of the prize, or participation in the lottery, regardless of what ever any such claims are caused in whole or in part by the negligence of any entity or person released hereafter.
  • Disputes in governing law: The lottery shall be governed by the laws of the State of Alaska without giving effect to any choice of law or conflict of law rule in any jurisdiction. As a condition of participating in a lottery, the participants and prize claimant, agrees that any and all disputes that can’t be resolved between the parties, and causes of action arising out of or connected with the lottery, shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action, exclusively by arbitration in the locations selected solely by the sponsor in Fairbanks Alaska, in any sex dispute under no circumstances will the petition, be permitted to obtain awards for, and hereby waives all rights to claim punitive, incidental, or consequential damages, including reasonable attorney fees, other than participants actual out-of-pocket expense(i.e. cost associated with entering the lottery) and further waives all rights to have damages multiplied or increased. Any claims regarding the lottery that are not deemed released and in the event arbitration is not enforced, must be brought in the State or Federal courts in Fairbanks Alaska the participant and prize claimant hereby consents to the personal jurisdiction of such courts for the purpose of any such action. The lottery is void outside the United States and where prohibited by law. In no event shall the sponsor, permitted permittee or any of the related entities be liable for damages that exceed the value of the prize awarded to any individual participant in the lottery.
  • Disqualification; charges: sponsor reserves the right at its sole discretion to disqualify any individual who tampers or attempts to tamper with the ticketing process or the operation of the lottery, resells their lottery ticket, violates the official rules, or acts in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner, or with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any other person. The sponsor reserves the right, at its sole discretion, cancel, suspend and/or modify the lottery or these official rules or disqualify any individual or ticket for the purpose of protecting the integrity of the lottery or addressing changes in business operation or other circumstances, to the extent allowed under acceptable laws. Caution: any attempt by a participant or any other individual to deliberately damage any website or undermine the legitimate operation of the lottery is in violation of the official rules and may be a violation of criminal and civil laws. Should such an attempt be made, sponsor reserves the right to seek damages from and/or prosecute any such individual to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Sponsor; The sponsor of the lottery is Emerald Isle Operators license number 70 under one or more of the following Alaska Non-Profit Charitable Gaming permits, 9, 143, 178, 246, 328, 345, 403, 412, 426, 597, 684, 773, 1280, 1507, 1706, 1761, 1788, 1874, 1891, 1978, 1990, 2086, 2106, 2157, 2184, 2588, 2630, 2706, 2846, 2866, 2882, 2899, 2991, 102053, 102106, 104087, 104088, 133000, 173500, 177100, 202100
  • Winners list: You may obtain a list of winning lottery numbers by sending a request (identifying Chase The Ace Lottery) to Emerald Isle 3431 Airport Way, Fairbanks, AK 99709 together with a stamped, self-addressed envelope. The winning lottery ticket numbers will also be posted on:


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